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NOT-Verified Sellers Place Rules

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Dec 10, 2023

  1. Restricted Offerings: NOT-Verified Sellers are strictly prohibited from offering any illegal or unethical information, including to personal identification documents, banking databases, or hacking services.
  2. Mandatory Platform Communication: All interactions and transactions must be conducted solely through the LeadLab platform or its designated private chat servers. This policy is crucial for maintaining the security and privacy of all members.
  3. Sample File Restrictions: Sellers must provide sample files in plaintext formats only (e.g., txt, csv, sql, json). Usage of .xlsx or any document files is strictly prohibited.
  4. Transparency in Posting: Hide tags are not allowed on sample files. Any post found violating this rule will be subject to immediate removal.
  5. Prohibition of ID and Document Sales: Selling of IDs or documents is strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule will result in immediate action.
  6. Vulnerability Disclosure: If the database being sold is from a site still vulnerable to breaches, sellers are advised to inform the site owners. Subsequent dumps by third parties are not against forum rules.
  7. Leads Market Specifics:
    • Sample Requirement: A plaintext sample of at least 10 records from the database is required for verification. Use services like pastehub.net for uploading samples.
    • Public Database Policy: Selling of databases that are publicly available is prohibited. Sellers must disclose if a database was public previously.
    • Source Declaration: Sellers must clearly state the source of their leads (e.g., Hacked, Bought, etc.).
    • Disclosure of Previous Sales: If the leads have been previously sold, details of the past sale(s) including the date and number of buyers must be disclosed.
    • Multi-Sale Disclosure: Sellers must explicitly state if they plan to sell the data to multiple buyers.
  8. Compliance with General Forum Rules: Sellers must adhere to all general forum rules, which include maintaining respect and professionalism, ensuring privacy and confidentiality, and refraining from any illegal activities.
Not open for further replies.